Aş Evİ

Aş Evi is located in a side-street just off the road leading to the Ancient Ruins of Salamis and near the Karakol Primary School. Discover real Cypriot cuisine with Letife Zorba and her family. Start with breakfast; try out all the different types of Cypriot börek: delicious pastries filled with cheese, meat, courgette or halloumi and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Or try the succulent bulgur köftesi stuffed with ground meat.

Move onto lunchtime and a variety of dishes are served, the dish of the day changes every day but each day the meals are prepared to traditional Cypriot family recipes. Yahnili makarna is a chicken and pasta dish sprinkled with halloumi and mint, molohiya is a very popular Cypriot dish made leaves from a plant similar to jute and simmered in a tomato and rich meat broth. Juicy morsels of sauteed liver served with salad, rice and chips (fries). Hearty dishes made from chickpeas and white beans, stuffed aubergines, potato meatballs, all are lovingly prepared in the family kitchen. Generous portions, a pleasant airy dining-room and little garden and very reasonable prices.

Address: Anafartalar Cad. Canakkale Sok., Famagusta, Cyprus
Tel: +90 (0)533 881 9292
Opening Hours: 07:00 - 17:00