Canbulat Restaurant

"Quality is not a coincidence" is the slogan at Canbulat Kebab Restaurant and Fevzi should know, he has been serving satisfied customers for 24 years from this unpretentious kebab restaurant. Located just outside the city walls of Famagusta, at the Canbulat Gate, overlooking the port, Canbulat Restaurant is open every day from lunch till late, early morning in fact.

Here kebabs are king, huge portions of succulent cubes of meat on skewers grilled over the open fire and served with delicious roasted peppers and tomatoes and juicy grilled mushrooms. The Adana kebabs are made in the traditional way, hand-minced lamb meat and fat mixed then marinated in spices, formed around flat metal skewers and grilled on the open fire. Lamb, beef, chicken, spicy meat sausage, all fresh quality ingredients served piping hot from the coals. Great value for money, king-sized portions of deliciousness and rapid service straight from the grill.

Address:Havva Şentürk Yolu Sk, Canbulat Kapı, Famagusta, Cyprus
Tel: +90 (0)392 366 5555
Opening Hours:13:30 - 01:30