De Molay Bar

A unique opportunity to have a drink in a Crusader Church! The Twin Churches of the Knights Templars and Hospitallers were built in the late 13th century and acted as headquarters for both orders in Cyprus. De Molay Bar is named after the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay.

De Molay Bar is a fusion of historical atmosphere and hipster culture, serving a wide range of craft beers and funky cocktails; by day it is a good place to hang out and try a selection of freshly-ground coffees. By night, this is a highly popular events venue with outdoor seating and a great choice of cool bands and performance artists. History and entertainment intertwined to create a refreshingly different night out. Not suprisingly, this venue is a great favourite with the locals and not so locals of all ages. Excellent service and a friendly welcome extended to all, man-bun or not!

Address: Suriçi Mah. Kışla Yolu Sk., Famagusta, Cyprus
Tel: +90 (0)533 868 08 08
Opening Hours: 11:30 - late