Oytun Kafeterya

Oytun Kafeterya is situated on the road that leads from the Sea Gate to Canbulat (Arsenal) Gate. Tucked in between the warehouses that date back to the British colonial period, this little café is renowned for its hummus soup, a surprising dish which probably owes its origins to Cyprus' Mediterranean and Middle Eastern heritage. This is the only place in Famagusta serving the famous hummus soup ( meşhur humus çorbası).

For over 30 years Songül and her family have been dishing up simple homemade dishes and kebabs along with a variety of hot and cold drinks. The seating inside is limited but outside under the parasols and the shade of the palm trees you can admire the recently-restored city walls. Oytun Kafeterya is open early and the local old-timers are there at the opening to chat and sit out before the heat of the day hits. Friendly, authentic and the budget prices are good for your wallet.

Address: Canbulat Cad., Sur içi, Famagusta, Cyprus
Tel: +90 (0)533 839 4103
Opening Hours: 06:30 - 19:00