Aspava Restaurant & Bar

Aspava Restaurant & Bar has been open since March 1975 and is a family affair, run by two brothers. Set in a pleasant courtyard under a vine lattice, the restaurant is always lively - a favourite with tourists at lunch time and with locals in the evening.

There is no menu and no prices displayed but don't be daunted by this, this is traditional to the Cypriot way of eating - first meze, then kebabs and grilled meat. The meze are brought out, cold ones first then the hot ones. But don't fill up on them and don't eat too much bread, the main part of the meal is yet to come! Unlike other traditional restaurants of this style, the meat dishes are not brought separately but arrive on an impressively huge platter piled high with mixed meat kebabs, chops, chicken and other grills. Make sure you are hungry! Very good value for money.

Address: Liman Yolu No:93, Suriçi, Famagusta, Cyprus
Tel: +90 (0)392 366 60 37
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 11:00