One Shot Coffee

Situated just opposite the Land Gate, (Akkule, Ravelin, or Rivettina Bastion), or more prosaically opposite the Tourist Information Centre, this friendly café serves excellent European-style coffees made of freshly-roasted coffee beans. If you are hankering for a latte, a cappucino, an expresso or even a chai latte, sit down and enjoy your "heaven in a cup"!

But One Shot Coffee also serves herbal teas, smoothies, cold drinks and beers as well a variety of alcoholic drinks. A must-try is their homemade Cyprus mint lemonade. Everything is presented beautifully, the service is attentive and friendly and the prices very good.

One Shot Coffee also serves healthy salads and snacks, made with locally-sourced ingredients and freshly-prepared to order. On Friday nights, the café stays open till late and organises live music gigs which are immensely popular with the young crowd. A great place to chill, enjoy a beer and enjoy some good music.

Address:Dr. Ramiz Gökçe Sk, Opposite Land Gate, Surici, Famagusta, Cyprus
Tel: +90 542 855 41 23
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 20:00 Fridays open till 01:00
Closed on Sundays